PVC konstrukcije


PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride and is a modern, artificial, thermoplastic material. They were obtained as a combination of 43% petroleum and 57% crude salt. PVC is most represented in construction, as much as 85% of the produced PVC is used in this area, most often used for the production of construction joinery and its accompanying elements. One of the most probable reasons is its longevity, which is estimated at several decades. PVC is a material that is resistant to corrosion, rust, moisture, mechanical shocks, abrasives and therefore has found great application in the modern world.

Also, PVC is a fire-resistant material, i.e., it is hardly flammable. As soon as the fire source is removed, the PVC stops burning. Excellent quality/price ratio has made PVC one of the most common raw materials. PVC joinery is characterized by a low coefficient of heat permeability, which gives it an advantage over other types of joinery. In this way, the bills for heating or cooling the premises can be significantly reduced. The savings depend on the choice of the permeability coefficient, but also the type of glass that will be installed because these are the two basic parameters for obtaining a good result. 

Whether you are renovating your home or just building it, PVC joinery is a modern, high-quality, affordable, and cost-effective choice for many years to come.


The 8000-window system represents the best price-quality ratio. It is ideal for residential multi-storеy buildings. It is one of the most common systems.


The 9000-window system is a modern system with a high degree of energy efficiency. It provides a great opportunity to combine colors, thermals, statics, safety, and all other parameters to obtain a high-quality end product. Adequate for the needs of passive houses.


LINEAR is the latest, exclusive product. The versatility of the system complements the rectilinear design, thus following the minimalist trend of modern architecture while raising the standard in terms of PVC joinery with other features of the function. It has several advantages over competing products, and is characterized by 74 mm technology, which provides high stability with modern functional glass and thanks to the multi-chamber construction provides greater safety, sound, and thermal insulation.


Excellent value for money. Good coefficient of thermal insulation and safety.


With an installation depth of 82.5 mm and modern technology, this series represents an exclusive door system and provides an excellent blend of aesthetics, thermal insulation, and safety.


The new sliding system combines the comfort of sliding elements in the use of the entire space.


A combination of perfect insulation, space utilization, and modern design.


New design for PVC windows in architecture, thanks to the technology the hidden wing has a large glass surface.
PVC konstrukcije


When constructing the product, the stability of the profile is taken into account. Accordingly, the dimension of the main chamber is large enough for stable, steel reinforcement and the result is adequate reinforcement that gives stability to the profile. In that way, it is possible to make large elements where our PVC windows can meet every customer’s request. STV – an innovative system that improves statics for non-standard positions. This enables the production of large elements and our PVC windows can meet every customer request.


Opening windows leads to a large loss of heat energy, so we offer innovative ventilation systems.
GECCO’s automatic ventilation system prevents the formation of mold in the window sills. The normal position of the damper is open, fresh air flows freely and enters the room, and also when the wind is strong, the dampers close automatically. This system has additional equipment in the form of dust filters and insect screens, it can also have additional sound insulation and rain protection. The advantages of this system are optimal airflow, minimal energy loss, impossibility of incorrect handling, high thermal and sound insulation, prevention of mold formation, the fact that it is quiet and without sounds.
In addition to manual use, we can install smart ventilation systems, which give us the ability to maintain fresh and clean indoor air even when we are not there.


With our profile systems, high burglary protection for buildings can be achieved. Depending on the customer’s needs, the carpentry can be equipped with resistance classes WK1 and WK2.
Resistance class WK1:

  • Basic protection against possible burglary attempts
  • For windows and balcony doors upstairs
  • Against attempted burglary using physical force such as kicking or pushing with the shoulder.

Resistance class WK2:

  • Protection against burglary attempts
  • For windows on the ground floor or basement
  • Against burglary attempts with simple tools such as a large screwdriver, pliers, or prybars.
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