Phase 1 - Data collection

In order to find adequate solutions according to the needs of potential customers, we start our production cycle with careful design. In the design phase, our mobile team will visit all locations as soon as possible, precisely collecting all necessary parameters on which the project solution proposal we present to the interested customer will be based.

Phase 2 - Analysis of parameters

The standard parameters we are guided by when creating projects are:

  1. The quality of the facility or structure to be equipped with our products
  2. Aesthetics (exterior / interior color, construction shapes, quality of finishing)
  3. Function (energy efficiency, sound permeability, degree of safety, quantity of necessary ventilation)
  4. Which of the additional products should be used to equip the basic product
  5. The amount of money that the buyer wants to invest
  6. Method of payment

Phase 3 - Project proposal​

After the collected parameters, our team will present the most optimal solution as soon as possible. Also, we will advise you completely free of charge on energy efficiency when choosing a product, so that the best combination of products directly affects energy savings, that is financial savings.

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