Contribution to the quality product in addition to profiles and glass brings as well the hardware. The segment of the finished product is very important, regardless of whether it is aluminum or PVC. It achieves safety, durability, and, most importantly, energy efficiency, because a product whose hardware works well achieves quality sealing, and thus savings. The basic division of fittings is into those used for the so-called PVC groove (used in the production of PVC and partly in aluminum joinery) and those used for euro grooves (used in aluminum joinery). PVC and Euro-groove are universal terms, which means that there is a possibility of pairing different profile manufacturers, with different fittings. Some fittings are typically used for only one type of profile.



Possibility of combining swivel and tilt opening. This fitting represents the best price-quality ratio.


Possibility of combining swivel and tilt opening. Increased level of security with many more advanced changes compared to the standard.


Characteristic in that its hinges are not visible. All elements except the handle are hidden and invisible.


The latest product that provides special comfort. In addition to the previous swivel and tilt window opening or hopper window, there is the possibility of a parallel opening in which the entire sash is separated from the window along the entire circumference. Air ventilation is of better quality and incomparably faster, and therefore with less energy losses.
pvc žleb


Possibility of combining swivel and tilt opening. Combining elements such as color, shape, and method of opening, provides a great opportunity when choosing fittings for your carpentry. Some of them are the color palette of visible elements, the color, and shape of the handle, the ways of closing the auxiliary elements, the selection of fittings intended for people with disabilities, etc.


It is special hardware that can be combined with all types of carpentry. It is characterized by the way it opens, which is practical in the first place because the opening part of the slide does not take up additional space. It has the possibility like hopper windows, as well as parallel opening in the service of good ventilation of the room. There are no restrictions on the quality of sealing like classic sliding systems, because sealing is done with rubber cedars, and not with brushes, which still make certain losses. It has the possibility of making large openings, so it is represented in places where transparency is required.

ulazna vrata


Entrance doors form the face of your building, and in addition to the aesthetic part, the door must have good security characteristics. By combining aesthetics with a high degree of security, we get a door that can be offered to even the most demanding customers. Door hardware is a very important item when choosing an entrance or partition door. We can divide it into several parts:


Possibility to choose colors and appearance of visible elements (quality of finishing): doorknob, handrail, hinge, rosette, spy. All the listed items are a variable category and depend on the means and tastes of the customer and the recommendations of the trained person.


Biometric locking method – with a fingerprint, the sensor recognizes a person and unlocks or locks the door. There is a possibility of connection to the Smart system, which allows the control of entering the facility remotely.


In addition to the basic opening function, door hinges also affect the safety of the product due to their technical characteristics. Anti-burglary lock directly affects the level of security of products and facilities. It can be with three or five closing and locking points. The door cylinder can vary greatly in its quality, so we offer several options in choosing the number of locking points, as well as choosing the cylinder.


In case you need a high degree of safety, we can offer a product combining an adequate profile with special fittings and steel impenetrable plates. For commercial facilities, we offer electric (intercom) locks, handrails of various shapes (possibility of making according to your design), “HANDS” for automatic opening, and many other modern and practical things intended for various needs of society that you can see in our premises.
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