The widest range of colors offers incredible possibilities to choose from. By combining today’s technologies and our experience, we come to the option of two-tone profiles, which allows the customer to be different on the inside and outside of the profile. In that way, it is possible to fit the interior towards the interior, and the exterior can be completed in the tone of the exterior.


The basic way of painting the profile is plasticization, which is obtained by applying powder that is baked at a high temperature and is divided into:
  • glow
  • Mat
  • structure


Wood decor tones are increasingly represented due to their faithful appearance that provides warmth to the wood, does not require additional maintenance, and can combine two colors. Wood decor foil is a process that is obtained by applying foil to the profile and baking at high temperatures.


Anodizing is a traditional method that has accompanied aluminum joinery since its inception. Always modern so-called natural color of aluminum is obtained by immersing aluminum in a special liquid that changes its structure. Today’s technologies provide many more shades of anodizing.



Exclusive and really like real wood. For all those who value natural appearance, we have PVC windows that look like they are wooden. New real-life foils give your windows a special look, shine less than classic wood decor foils, are very attractive, and give PVC windows a natural look. Whether it is a renovation or a new building, they fit perfectly as a combination of traditional and modern.


It is a coextrusion process that inseparably connects the basic white PVC body and acrylic paint. This process creates an excellent colored surface that is very resistant to all external weather conditions. This innovative technology differs greatly from the usual profile painting process and sets completely new standards in the market. Its result is excellent properties and unsurpassed color longevity. ACRYL COLOR technology is applied only to the outer parts of the profiles and paints them on one side, while the profiles remain white on the inside with the possibility of painting with foil on the inside.


Foils are the standard and most common way of painting PVC profiles. They are characterized by the possibility of painting the profile with different colors, both outside and inside. They can also be combined with ACRYL COLOR and REALWOOD technologies.
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