In addition to the growing number of companies that trust us, the quality of our products is guaranteed by a certified production process that is in line with set standards, and with constant internal supervision of quality control in production and the field. Raw materials used in the production process are certified and tested by accredited laboratories of the European Union for which we have adequate documentation. Some of the standards we implement in the production process are SRPS EN 1026 related to SRPS EN 12207 (air permeability control standard), SRPS EN 1027 related to SRPS EN (water permeability control standard), wind load resistance standard SRPS EN 12211: 2017 related to SRPS EN 12210: 2017, sound insulation standard SRPS EN ISO 10140-2, SRPS EN ISO 717-1, SRPS UJ 6.201.

CE Quality Mark

By carrying out the process of conformity of certificates obtained from accredited laboratories, we obtain a product of CE quality. We hereby confirm that we meet all the essential requirements issued by European directives. The CE quality mark of our company applies to products that meet European requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection, and that are safe to use.

art-tim certificate CE MARK

Our Certificates

Below you can find listed certificates achieved by our company.


We have successfully responded to the requests and needs of many reference customers, we have been trusted by both domestic and foreign companies, such as:
Komercijalna Banka, UniCredit Banka, Sky Music, MegaTon Production, Meggle Srbija, Nikom auto, TIM-ING Centar, ART-MONT, Zebrano, Trnava promet, Gommis, Watchout Security, Hotel Mons, GP Izgradnja R, Citadela Construction, Cacao Beauty Center, Alpha Technics, Woodland Resort, Delta Inženjering, Technomedia, Euro Inter, Beavers Group, Keep Light, Stim gradnja, Topčiderska Zvezda, FNC Family Group, Novi Grad Inženjering, Mikon Company, Intranea rešenja, Nivo KGM gradnja, MEP inženjering, PINK PANTER ćevabdžinice, GZR Popović, Metaloplastika, Studio Kalemarc, Studio Krator, Studio Aris, Studio Creative Box, Studio Simović, Biro Arh Projekt, Sava Building, Dom Batiment (France), Ouvrages Franciliens (France).

Cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers of elements for ALU and PVC joinery allows us a wide range of our products, which sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Some of our partners are Reynears, Alumil, and Etem in the field of aluminum joinery, Gealan in the field of PVC joinery, WINK-HOUSE, SIGENIA, and G-U in the field of fittings, GUARDIAN in the field of glass.

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